A Cuppa White Tea Fights Inflammation

Researchers were amazed by the results of a study of 21 plant extracts. White tea, witch hazel, and rose extracts all packed a powerful punch against inflammation.

Everything old is eventually new again. And that saying holds true for time-trusted remedies such as witch hazel, white tea, and roses. A recent study found that these simple natural substances hold great potential health and beauty benefits.

Top 3 plant extracts
Researchers from London, England’s Kingston University tested 21 plant extracts for their ability to fight cancer and slow down aging. The three plant extracts that provided the most dramatic results were white tea, witch hazel, and rose—with white tea emerging on top. 

White tea: the clear winner
\”Indeed it appeared that drinking a simple cup of white tea might well help reduce an individual\’s risk of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, or even just age-associated wrinkles,\” Professor Declan Naughton says.

Inflammation fighters
These substances may lead to the development of new natural-based treatments to prevent the progression of inflammation. Inflammation plays a major role in the development of cancer, arthritis, diabetes, as well as cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurodegenerative diseases.

The researchers experimented with three different concentrations of white tea in a freeze-dried powder form, witch hazel in a dried herb form, and a medicinal tincture of rose extract. Using human skin cells, they measured the various mixtures’ ability to suppress rogue enzymes and oxidants which lead to inflammation and skin aging.

Based on previous research, the team anticipated promising results, but they were truly amazed at the ability of white tea, witch hazel, and rose to fight inflammation and slow down the aging process in skin cells. Expect to hear more about these simple—but promising—aromatic remedies.

Enjoy a cup of white tea to celebrate Hot Tea Month!


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