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3 Tips for Giving a Healthy, Insult-Free Holiday Gift


3 Tips for Giving a Healthy, Insult-Free Holiday Gift

Your Aunt Sue could really use the new scale with the large, digital readout. And a set of kettlebells would be perfect for your friend Ann, a single mom, who can’t find time to exercise. Plus, you’d love to get your nephew a new gym-bag because, well honestly, you don’t know what’s living in there!

These would be great holiday gifts, but you are hesitant to buy them. While you mean well, you don’t want to insult people with your “healthy” presents. Does this sound familiar? If so, don’t despair! Here are three helpful tips to give someone a healthy holiday gift they’ll love.

1. Focus on benefits

“Why did you give me this? Do you think I’m fat?”

That’s what you’ll hear if you give someone a scale as a gift, right? Not if you focus on the benefits for them.

For example, if you are giving your Aunt Sue a scale because you know her eyesight is failing, and she weighs herself every day, it can be a very thoughtful gift. Just tell her that you noticed her scale is getting old, and you saw this new, stylish version with a large, digital screen that will look great in her bathroom. Plus, explain how she can now quickly and easily view her heart rate and BMI readings at the same time. Then, the gift is about the upgraded benefits and not about weight loss.

2. Emphasize the unique qualities

Let’s say you’re buying someone a healthy gift because you really just want them to be healthier. Instead of simply handing over the gift, let the recipient know how you specifically picked out the item just for them.

For instance, you can tell your nephew you bought him a new gym-bag because it has a special pocket for his mobile phone and a large, waterproof area for his sweaty t-shirt after soccer practice; you even bought it in blue because that’s his favorite color. Your nephew gets a unique gift just for him and some extra motivation to get to the gym!

3. Be honest

When the recipient opens your healthy gift, or even before, tell them exactly why you bought it and thought it was the perfect gift.

Let’s say you purchased kettlebells for your friend, Ann, who has a crazy schedule and very little time to exercise. You could tell her how much you love using the kettlebells yourself, and that they are your “secret” to sneaking in a quick workout anytime without leaving the house. Let her know that you bought them because you realize how busy she is and thought they would help her reduce stress and feel healthier. She’ll appreciate your honesty and know that you care.

It All Comes Down to Thoughtfulness

If you want to buy someone a “healthy” gift, don’t worry about insulting them. Instead, take the time to find a gift that will fulfill a solution to their specific needs and is unique to their personality, activities, and lifestyle. Then, just be honest and tell them exactly why you are giving them that particular gift.

This way, they’ll be more likely to understand how you took the time to find the perfect gift just for them and appreciate your thoughtfulness. They get a great gift, and you get to see them become a little healthier in the process!

What tips do you have for giving “healthy” holiday gifts? Let us know in the comments below.


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