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10 Best Fantasy Healthy Holiday Gifts and Their Attainable Alternatives


10 Best Fantasy Healthy Holiday Gifts and Their Attainable Alternatives

You have some very special people on your holiday gift-list this year and want to buy them something unique that they will truly appreciate. Where do you start? …. with our Top 10 Fantasy Gift Guide, of course!

We’ve done the research for you and collected a list of unique, fantasy items to help you find the perfect gifts this year. And if your budget is a little tight right now, don’t worry! We’ve provide more attainable substitutes as well.

10 Best Fantasy Healthy Holiday Gifts and Their Attainable Alternatives

1. A week at The Biggest Loser Resort

You’ve seen the television show, and now you can experience it in real life. Daily activities, education, food, drinks, and more are designed to fit your specific needs. Enjoy the personal attention and motivation you need to get, and stay, healthy in 2015 and beyond!
Price: About $3,000.00

Get it here.

Photo credit: The Biggest Loser Resort

WelloAlternative: Wello Online Personal Training and “The Skinnytaste Cookbook”


Price: Wello is $99.00/month for 4 personal training sessions or 10 group classes and “The Skinnytaste Cookbook” is $18

Get personal training and a healthy cookbook.
Photo Credit: Wello.com




2. A Year of Weekly Wellness Coaching with The Zen Girl
The Zen Girl Wellness CoachingCoaches are a vital part of success for athletes, entrepreneurs and more. Why not give the gift of wellness coaching? With a personalized and creative process, The Zen Girl will help you reduce stress, feel energized, find time to do the things that really matter in life, and more. Who wouldn’t want the gift of more peace and happiness this holiday season?

Price: About $6,000.00

Get it here.

Photo credit: The Zen Girl

The Wellness WorkbookAlternative: “The Wellness Workbook: How to Achieve Enduring Health and Vitality”


Price: About $18.00
Get it here.
Photo Credit: Amazon





3. An All-Expense Paid Road Race to an Exciting Destination via Marathon Tours
Athens Road Race

If you know someone who loves running, how about giving them a change of scenery? Marathon Tours offers travel adventures for runners in Greece, Dublin, Anartica, Rome, Hawaii, and many, other, exciting destinations. It’s time to get off the beaten path for a fun race in an exotic place!

Price: About $2,000.00 (package and food)

Get it here.

Photo credit: Marathon Tours

AltRunner\'s World Race Finderernative: Entry Fee to a Local Race
Price: About $150.00-$300.00
Get it here.
Photo Credit: Runner’s World



4. Treadwall® M6 Rotating Climbing Wall from Brewer’s Ledge

Brewers Ledge Climbing WallFor the outdoor climber on your list, check out the Treadwall® M6 freestanding or wall-mount, rotating climbing-wall. At 6 feet wide and 10 or 11 feet high, the wall doesn’t take up much space and provides a fun way to cross-train and work your arms, shoulders, core, hips, legs, and more. There’s no need to worry about travel or the weather with a climbing wall in the next room!

Price: About $11,000.00

Get it here.

Photo credit:  Brewers Ledge



Alternative: Climbing passes to a local, rock-wall climbing facility
 Rock Climbing Gym

Price: About $150.00 for 10 climbing passes.
The Chef’s Warehouse kitchen island isn’t available just yet, but you can get this Home Depot designed kitchen right now here.




5. No-Expenses-Spared Kitchen Remodel, Complete with Mise En Place Kitchen Island
Kitchn Kitchen IslandFor the chef on your list (or those who think they can cook), how about surprising them with a complete, kitchen remodel? And of course, it would include the Mise En Place Kitchen Island, or the fanciest, “putting in place” work-table available. Created for Cape Town’s Chefs Warehouse and Cookery School, it has built-in cutting and cheese boards, a wine-rack, knife/glass holders, a “hot pot stand,” storage drawers and more specifically fitted to your needs.

Price: About $25,000.00-40,000.00

Get a kitchen remodel and include this intense kitchen island.
Photo credit: The Kitchn

Savannah Kitchen Cart

Alternative: Update hardware and add a rolling kitchen island for a new look.

Price: Hardware Costs Vary – Rolling Kitchen Cart $304.00
Get the island here.
Photo Credit: Home Depot




6. Master Culinary Classes at Le Cordon Bleu
Le Cordon BleuDeep down, every chef would love to learn new skills at the famous, Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts. It’s time to make their dream a reality with master classes! You’ll get personalized attention from experienced, professional instructors, work with the finest ingredients and commercial-grade tools, and most important, learn the techniques necessary to create new, and delicious culinary creations!


Price: About $10-20,000.00

Get it here.

Photo credit:  Le Cordon Bleu

Alternative: Online Cooking Courses

Craftsy Cooking Classes Price: Free to $30.00

Get it here.
Photo Credit: Craftsy




7. Ergonomic Home Office Makeover with an Emperor 200 Workstation

Ergonomic Home Office MakeoverIf you know someone who spends a great deal of time working at home, how about giving them a high-tech and ergonomic office-makeover? With an Emperor 200 Workstation hand-built to your specific requirements, you can work in complete comfort with the latest in sound, light, air-filtration, touch-screen technology, and more!

Price: About $49,100.00 for the Workstation

Get it here.

Photo credit:  MWE LAB




Alternative: A push-button adjustable standing desk from Stand Desk™
ergodepot standing desk

Price: $500.00 – $700.00
Get it here or here.
Photo Credit: ergodepot






8. The Power Nap Capsule from Hammacher Schlemmer
Power Nap CapsuleGive someone the gift of napping! With the Power Nap Capsule from Hammacher Schlemmer, you can have your very own, semi-enclosed sleeping environment. Inspired by NASA, this ample space has a special mattress that encourages proper spine alignment, blocks distracting sights and sounds and offers the ultimate in relaxation. “And to all a good night!”

Price: About $25,000.00

Get it here.

Photo credit: Hammacher Schlemmer

Power Nap Head PillowAlternative: Power Nap Head Pillow
Price: $99.00
Get it here.
Photo Credit: Hammacher Schlemmer




9. Inada Flex 3s™ Massage Chair
Massage ChairSure… your friends and family members may have a massage chair, but they probably don’t have an Indanda Flex 3s™. This is the only massage chair in the world that combines stretching movements with traditional, Japanese massage techniques to help reduce pain and stiffness while improving posture. With soothing, air-cell compression and an optional, heating feature for fingers and toes, you’ll be relaxing in seconds. Ahhhh.

Price: About $6,500.00

Get it here.
Photo credit: Brookstone


Back2Life Motion MassagerAlternative: Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager


Price: About $170.00
Get it here.
Photo Credit: Brookstone





10. Top of the Line Home Gym from Life Fitness
LifeFitness Room Planner HeaderGive a gift they’ll remember every day of the year with a customized, home gym from Life Fitness. You simply log onto the Room Planner Website. Then, you pick your room layout, choose the equipment, furniture, doors, and other items that you want and confirm your plans. Voila! Your dream fitness-room becomes a reality!

Price: About $6,000.00 – $20,000.00

Get it here.
Photo credit: LifeFitness

24 Hour FitnessAlternative: 24 Hour Fitness Membership

Price: About $40.00 Month

Get it here.
Photo Credit: 24 Hour Fitness





Fantasy Gifts for the Special People in Your Life

Whether your friends and family members like to be pampered, create new recipes in the kitchen, exercise, or just relax, there are some unique, fantasy gifts available to fit their specific interests and personalities. And while you may not be able to buy the “top-of-the-line” items right now, there are plenty of alternatives that will make the special people on your gift-list smile!

What fantasy gifts do you love that we missed? Please share them with us here.

And check out our other gift lists including healthy holiday gifts under $25.00, holiday gifts for men, holiday gifts for Moms, and more here.


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