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5 Creative Ways to Take Your Walk Indoors


5 Creative Ways to Take Your Walk Indoors

Even with a busy schedule and less-than-ideal weather conditions, you still have plenty of options to get in a good walking workout when you can’t get outdoors. In addition to doing laps in your house, try one of these five indoor walking options to stay in shape when you might otherwise be inclined to skip that walk.


When outdoor options are limited, one of the most popular, and obvious, alternatives is the treadmill. While home treadmills have decreased in price considerably, if you aren’t interested in the investment or don’t like the idea of having a treadmill in your home, you can always head to your local gym. Since most treadmills have pre-programmed walking and running workouts, take advantage of these to mix things up. It’s also a good idea to play with incline to burn more calories.


If you live in a place that’s cold and has frequent snowfall, chances are there’s an indoor walking or running track nearby. Your local gym may have one, but if not, check local high schools and colleges. Just make sure you know the rules and find out which lanes are open to the public.


Mall walking is a good choice because the space is large and the shops make it easy to keep your mind occupied. Often, the doors to the entrance open an hour or two before the stores, which gives walkers the opportunity to fit in steps before it gets crowded. Restrooms and water fountains are easily accessible and after your workout you can always stop for a cup of coffee with friends to socialize before heading home.


Even if you can’t take a long lunch break to fit in a workout, you can likely walk a few floors at your office. Since it’s similar to hiking, a 20–30 minute workout climbing stairs helps you build muscle in your quads, glutes and calves while also helping build endurance.


Since getting stuck when traveling and sitting for hours can be terrible for your back and legs, try fitting in as many extra steps as possible when you’re at the airport. Walk up and down the concourse or look for a dedicated indoor walking track.

Here are a few airports that have them:

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta: .79 miles from concourse A to E
  • Cleveland-Hopkins: 2-mile Health Walk
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul: 1.4-mile walking path
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor: 2 mile FitPHX fitness trail


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