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Introducing MyFitnessPal Premium


Introducing MyFitnessPal Premium

We are beyond thrilled to introduce new features to help you reach your health goals faster.

Starting today, for all users:

  • Verified foods: We now have hundreds of thousands of foods in our database that have been verified for calorie and nutrition content—this will help take the guesswork out of logging.
  • Get better insights with improved graphs: Spot opportunities to improve what you eat by visualizing it in new ways. View your calorie and nutrient intake by day, by week—even by meal!

We’re also introducing a whole new way to use MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal Premium.

Upgrade Your MyFitnessPal Experience

Our new Premium product allows you to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Features include:

  • Ad-free Experience: Access MyFitnessPal on your Android or iOS device, or on the web, and enjoy all of premium’s awesome features without the distraction of banner ads.
  • VIP Customer Support: Jump to the front of the line when you need help from our world-class customer happiness team.
  • Premium Content: Get access to exclusive MyFitnessPal dietitian-approved original recipes, meal plans and nutrition tips created by our in-house nutrition and coaching team.

Get a smarter, deeper understanding of what you’re eating with the highly customizable nutrient dashboard. Want to pump up your protein or keep a close eye on cholesterol? With our new nutrient dashboard, you see more than just your calorie goal. With one glance, you see progress toward your calorie and your macronutrient goals. No more digging to figure out your progress against macro targets.

premium home ios

Choose from four different profiles for your home screen and graphs to see what matters most to your health. Options include:

  • Macronutrients: Displays your carbs, fat, protein and calories
  • Heart-Healthy: Displays your fat, sodium, cholesterol and calories
  • Carb-Conscious: Displays your carbs, sugars, fiber and calories
  • Custom Summary: Create your own dashboard by selecting any three nutrients. Trying to get your iron up? Watching trans fats? Then this option is for you.
  • Food Analysis: Discover the nutrient breakdown of the foods you eat: Find out which foods are highest in any selected nutrient. One quick glance can tell you which foods will help you cut your sodium intake, for example, or up your fiber.

premium nutrition ios

It’s your food. Track it your way by:

  1. Macronutrient by gram: Set your macro goals by gram, not just percentage.
  2. Quick add macronutrients: Quick Add isn’t just for calories anymore; you can instantly input grams of fat, protein and carbs.
  3. Control your exercise calories: Now, YOU can decide whether or not to add the calories you burn to your daily goal (and how to allocate those extra macros).
  4. Set different calorie and macro goals for each day of the week: Need more calories on the weekend or extra carbs on training days? No problem. Set different nutrition goals for different days.

premium daily goals android

MyFitnessPal users can upgrade to Premium via our website or via the latest versions of our Android and iOS apps. Areas of MyFitnessPal with features enhanced by a Premium membership will present an upgrade option to standard users. For additional information about Premium membership, please visit our FAQ page.


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