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Lift Your Way to Good Posture and Confidence


Lift Your Way to Good Posture and Confidence

Do you suffer from back pain? Take heart; the Lumo Lift is here, and it now syncs with your MyFitnessPal account.

The Lumo Lift is a small-but-mighty device that lights the way for you to achieve better posture. Not only can it stake a claim on the title of “1st digital posture tracker,” it has been lauded by TIME Magazine as one of “The 25 Best Inventions of 2014.” Once you clip the Lift onto your shirt or undergarments, it tracks your posture, as well as your steps taken and calories burned; and through timed, opt-in Posture Alerts, Lumo Lift discreetly vibrates when you slouch—a gentle reminder for you to sit tall and stand strong. In other words, Lift simultaneously helps prevent back pain and builds your confidence.

No bigger than a thumbprint, the Lift can either serve as a fashion accessory—hello Swarovski!—or an invisible wearable operating stealthily under your clothing. Ladies, there’s even a bra strap clasp!

If you’re an iOS user, simply connect your MyFitnessPal account after downloading the Lumo Lift app to ensure that your steps and calories are logged in your Exercise Diary. (Lumo Lift is not yet available on Android, but it is coming soon to Windows desktop.)

We wish you a healthy, pain-free holiday season!

PS – Lumo has a special offer for MyFitnessPal members: Receive a $20 discount with this link.


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