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6 Ways to Beat Stress & Feel More Energized


6 Ways to Beat Stress & Feel More Energized

We often have limited time to get to all of the things on our to-do lists, especially when holidays and parties come around. (Make cookies. Attend company party. Finish shopping. Check gift list, twice.) It can leave us feeling overwhelmed and depleted. To reclaim your energy, take a few minutes to create a space that will help you unwind and show up fully engaged. Here are 6 ways to do just that.

1. Refocus with Yoga Start your morning with some breath work and yoga, this will help clear out physical and mental clutter and give you perspective for the day. We often can’t shift our schedule, but we can shift our energy. Try some sun salutations to increase your circulation, and do a few standing poses, such as Warrior 2, to build focus and strength.  Connecting with your breath will help you stay present so your energy doesn’t scatter and you can focus on one thing at a time.

2. Try journaling Writing down your thoughts and feelings on paper creates a kinesthetic transfer that helps release unconscious patterns of thinking. Putting your disturbing dreams and limiting beliefs in your journal puts the power back in your hands—they can no longer control you, because once revealed you are able to shift your awareness, step into your personal power, and have more energy to create a day that is inspired.

3. Enjoy a healthy breakfast Starting the day with a healthy meal and plenty of hydration will kick-start your metabolism and set the tone for a healthy day. Continue to fuel your body throughout the day with light healthy snacks to stay focused and avoid energy slumps.

4. Take a breath break If you’re feeling depleted in the morning—or any other time through out the day, take a breath break. Find a quiet corner, step into a bathroom stall, or sit in your car and close your eyes for a minute or two. Take your hands to your belly, heart, or anywhere you need a boost, and visualize sending your breath into these areas. Breath in energy, and breath out stress and busyness to help you realign yourself and tune into what your body needs. A simple time out to center does wonders to balance your energy—so you can quickly get back to your agenda in balance.

5. Pause before you party There are lots of festivities during the holidays. Before you head off to your next soiree, take five minutes of pause with a restorative yoga posture that will prepare your feet for a night of dancing and deposit some currency into your energy bank. Try lying down next to a wall, with your back flat on the floor and your legs up, with your hips and rear end against the wall or on a bolster for Vipariti Karani. This mild inversion helps relieve stress to the feet and legs and quiets the mind for some inner listening.

6. Get grateful Enjoy the spirit of the season by giving yourself some time to connect with what inspires you. Before you go to bed reflect on what you’re grateful for, and give yourself a few minutes to sit in that space. As you make your way to sleep, remember to keep your dreams alive and your heart open to joy. This will help you wake up the next day in alignment with your spirit, ready to create from a full tank of energy.

What helps you unwind during the hectic holiday season? Share your comments below!


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