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10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for Women


10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for Women

While sparkling jewelry is usually a winner, women also like unique gifts that help them look and feel better. While there are thousands of items out there to do just that, here are a few we found to help you finish your holiday shopping early.

10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for Women

1. Athleta® Cashmere Cozy-Up Sweater

Cashmere Cozy Up Sweater

What woman wouldn’t like a soft, cozy cashmere sweater to throw on after a workout? This lightweight, 100% seven-gauge, luxe cashmere offers warmth without the bulk. Longer in the back, it’s the perfect cover-up after a yoga session, dance class or night out. Buy this, and she may just want to cuddle up to you, too!

Price: About $198.00
Get it here.
Photo credit: Athleta



2. Steepster


There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea to relax. The tea-lover on your gift list will love having a box of sample teas from Steepster delivered to her door every month. She’ll receive five different teas from around the world, brewing instructions and a muslin bag for storage. It’s the perfect way to deliver a relaxing surprise throughout the year.

Price: About $24.95 per month
Get it here. 
Photo credit: Steepster

3. ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Aromatherapy Shower KitIt’s time to turn your shower into a spa! With the Aromatherapy Shower Kit, you can help turn someone’s boring cleansing routine into a spa-like experience filled with scents to breathe, awaken and relieve stress. No tools are required for set up so you can start refreshing your mind, body and spirit fast!

Price: About $44.99
Get it here. 
Photo credit: Essiohower

4. Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card

Spafinder 100Speaking of spas, if you have no idea what to get the ladies on your holiday gift list, how about a Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card? The cards never expire and can be used at over 20,000 spa and wellness locations worldwide for massages, manicures, pedicures, hair styling, and more. Let the pampering begin!

Buy one $100 gift card, get a second one 20% OFF with the code FITPAL20.

Price: Starts at $25.00
Get it here. 
Photo credit: Spafinder Wellness 365

5. Lumo Lift Posture + Activity Coach 

Lumo Lift Have a friend or family member who could use some help with their posture throughout the day? Check out the Lumo Lift. You simply clip the magnetic clasp on your clothes, and gentle vibrations remind you when you start to slouch.

It also tracks steps, distance and calories and syncs wirelessly to your Bluetooth 4.0 iPhone, iPad or iPod (and your MyFitnessPal account). Now you don’t have to worry about anyone telling you to “stand up straight!”

Price: About $99.99 (use the link below to get a $20 discount)
Get it here. 
Photo credit: Lumo Lift

6. The Grommet Handmade Garden Tools

The Grommet Handmade Garden ToolsDo the women in your life like to garden? How about giving them garden tools handmade in Bozeman, Montana? Taking extra time to carefully blacksmith and hand-forge these tools, they offer superior functionality, quality and design unavailable anywhere else.

Price: $58.00 Each or Set of 5 for $230.00
Get it here. 
Photo credit: The Grommet


7. Food 52 Cake Stand and Vase

Cake Stand & Vase, 2-in-1It’s about time someone came up with this idea – a cake stand that also doubles as a vase! While the recipient of this gift will appreciate the hand-blown porcelain stand for serving cake, she can also separate the pieces and use the bottom portion to display her favorite flowers. She gets two gifts in one, and you just might get a slice of her famous carrot cake sooner than later!

Price: About $130.00
Get it here. 
Photo credit: Food52



8. Le Creuset Champagne Resealer

Le Creuset Champagne Resealer, Antique Chrome

Help your friends and family get ready for their New Year celebrations. Le Creuset’s Champagne Resealer preserves the carbonation in your leftover champagne and sparkling wine. Compatible with all bottle sizes, you simply flip the lever down over the bottle to lock in the pressure. And when you take it out of storage, you can still enjoy a champagne toast with lots of fizz!

Price: About $36.00
Get it here.  
Photo credit: Williams Sonoma


9. Natural Wake and Sleep System

Natural Wake and Sleep SystemIf you know someone who has trouble sleeping and getting up in the morning, how about giving them the Natural Wake and Sleep System from Sharper Image®? It uses light therapy, nature sounds, chimes, and aromatherapy to help you fall asleep at night and gently wake up in the morning. You can even customize the experience with nature sounds and aromatherapy. Time for some serious ZZZZs!

Price: About $79.99
Get it here.
Photo credit: Sharper Image


10. Le Creuset Café Stoneware French Press

Le Creuset Café Stoneware French PressDo you need to find a gift for the coffee lover in your life? This high quality enameled stoneware french press from Le Creuset will keep their brew warm and their tabletop stylish. It’s a perfect addition to any caffeine ritual.

Price: About $59.99
Get it here. 
Photo credit: William Sonoma





No-hassle Shopping for the Active Women On Your List

We know. Sometimes it can be difficult to shop for the active women in your life. There are so many products, colors, styles, prices, etc. available. Hopefully, this list will help you shop for the holidays with less stress and give some great gifts everyone will love!

What did we miss on our gift-list for active women? Please share your favorites with us in the comments below.

And for more healthy ideas, check out these blog entries.


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