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15 Awesome Things You Got from Mom


15 Awesome Things You Got from Mom

This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in the U.S. with our friends over at Fitbit. Whether you’re a mom or you just happen to have one, you’ll find great tips and advice for staying healthy and happy all year long. (Oh and don’t forget, mom makes a great addition to your Fitness Tribe!) 

On Facebook and Twitter this week, we asked you what feature or personality trait you happily got from your mother. And, boy, did you have some terrific answers! We expected the typical, “I love that I got my mom’s brown eyes.” But you guys got creative, and dug deep, offering up some super personal, super inspiring statements. We’re sure your mothers are all very proud!

On Facebook, we asked, “What trait or feature are you glad you got from your mom?” And you responded:

1. “I got her muscular calves and I’m learning to love them.” —Amy Sader Brown

2. “Her optimism! Although I found it quite irritating during my period of teen angst. LOL” —Juanita Cross

3. “My work ethic. She worked hard every day of her life. I miss her dearly.” —Destiny Crane

4. “Toughness.” —Cabe Speary

5. “The ability to stand on my own two feet. No matter what life throws at me!” —Caren Bacon

6. “Her cooking skills. Her attitude!” —Debora Slay Williams

7. “Her sensitivity towards those less fortunate. She was the kindest person I have ever known and I miss her everyday…” —Vicki Westfall Crank

8. “Strength, perseverance and the gift of service.” —‪J Kimberly Walker

9. “Patient, calm, tolerant. And love of a good cup of coffee.” —‪Pamela Campbell

On Twitter, we urged you to, “Tell us what trait you got from your mom that’s helped you on your health journey.” And you tweeted back:

10. “I adopted my moms love and flair for aerobics and eating chocolate…lol.” —@StephiWine

11. “My mom is 83 and still swims for an hour each day! She always encouraged exercise. We are one fit family!” —@no_yning

12. “The value of good nutrition.” —@KeathleyJD

13. “Veggies with every dinner!” —@LessonsinLosing

14. “Finally started to eat veg. She was right all along, just wish she was around to say, ‘See, good for you AND tasty!’” —@belfastbiker

15. “My mom’s amazing, and she passed that on to me!” —‪@WestlyRoanoke


Let’s keep the love fest going for moms! Share your favorite traits in the comments below, and use #thanksmom on Twitter and Facebook! And check out Fitbit and MyFitnessPal to stay healthy and happy beyond Mother’s Day.


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