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5 VIP(arts) We Forget to Apply Sunscreen


5 VIP(arts) We Forget to Apply Sunscreen

Now that the warmer weather (and some regular sun) has arrived, we’re finally spending time outside. But after eight hours sitting in the park for a BBQ with friends, you could end up with the telltale burns of the “forgotten areas.” Next time you apply sunscreen, remember these the five often-overlooked areas:

  1. Your Eyelids: Ouch, right? Major ouch, especially since the skin in the eye area is normally thin and delicate before it’s exposed to the sun. Go for a 100 percent natural sunscreen stick that will help fight signs of aging (hello, crows’ feet) and allow for easy application.
  2. Back of Knees: Did you know legs are the most common site for melanoma in women? Make sure to cover every inch between your hip bone and your toes, including the back of knees, which often get fried. Why there? Not only are they easy to forget, they are a major sweat zone so sunscreen tends to melts away faster. Even if you’re not planning on sweating, use a sweat-resistant formula designed for athletes.
  3. Your Ears: No, seriously: the back, rim, front and even inside of ear are a major must, since they are the third-most common place to get basal cell carcinoma. Simply run an SPF stick over your ears whenever you apply.
  4. Tops of Feet: As I mentioned above, legs are the most common site for melanoma to appear in women—and we often finish slathering our SPF in at our ankles. Get ‘em all in one shot with a continuous spray sunscreen.
  5. Your Scalp: Try a UPF hat when working out in the great outdoors, and whenever you’re going to be out in the sun for prolonged periods for optimal coverage. Not a hat gal? Try powdered sunscreen to ward off damage without making strands feel greasy.

And melanoma prevention doesn’t stop with your SPF. Make sure you’re doing regular skin checks. Our ABCDE’s checklist is an easy way to keep those beauty marks and freckles in check.


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