Home Inspiration How Stay-At-Home Mom Jennifer Layden Lost 75lbs! (You Can Do It, Too!)

How Stay-At-Home Mom Jennifer Layden Lost 75lbs! (You Can Do It, Too!)


How Stay-At-Home Mom Jennifer Layden Lost 75lbs! (You Can Do It, Too!)

In August 2012, Jennifer Layden, 38, decided to get serious about losing weight. “I was tired of having to wear plus-sized clothes. In my town there aren’t a lot of choices for larger women, so I hated what I looked like in the clothes I had to wear,” says Jennifer. She also wanted to be a role model for her two young daughters, ages 8 and 11. “I didn’t want my children to be embarrassed to have an overweight mum, who wasn’t able to do things with them. My self-esteem was low and I felt invisible.”

Jennifer knew she needed a change, so she decided to try MyFitnessPal. “It’s so easy to keep track of the food I eat because of the huge food database and the scanner,” she says. “Before I started losing weight, I wasn’t exercising at all, unless we took the family to a zoo or something. I was eating way too many calories—a lot of sweets including chocolate, pastries, ice cream—and not enough real food. MyFitnessPal helped me watch my food and nutrition, because it showed me which macro levels and micronutrients to focus on. The forums were also very helpful whenever I had a question. In the end, the content of my diet hasn’t changed too drastically. I go by IIFYM—If It Fits Your Macros, so I don’t ban anything from my diet.”

A few weeks after kicking off her weight loss journey, the Canadian mom bought a Fitbit. “I wanted to start tracking my activity and calories. I quickly started using it 24/7 and became obsessed with my stat tracking and goal-setting. I started with the Fitbit Ultra, and now have a One, which is awesome. It’s so small and discreet! I love that I can see my calories burned throughout the day and know that I’m on track with my activity,” says Jennifer.

In less than two years of tracking her food and exercise, Jennifer achieved a huge milestone. “As of March 30, 2014, I have lost 75 lbs. It’s hard to believe I was that much overweight—that’s a lot of extra fat for anyone, let alone someone who is 5’2″!,” she says. “I went from size 18/20 jeans and 2XL shirts to size 10 jeans and small/medium shirts.”

Today Jennifer stays in shape by walking. “When I started using Fitbit, it definitely made me want to add more activity into my day. I started by walking 2 kilometers [about 1.2 miles] every time I went out, and now I walk at least 10 kilometers [about 6.2 miles] per session, with my max right now at 16 kilometers [about 10 miles]. I’ve also tried some at-home DVD workouts and using the treadmill for running intervals, but I prefer walking outside to anything else. About 95% of my daily exercise is walking.”

Jennifer acknowledges that getting serious about her health is the best thing she has ever done for herself and for her family. “I love MyFitnessPal and my Fitbit. I couldn’t have been this successful without them!”

Thanks for the love, Jennifer! We wish you continued health, happiness, and success! 


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