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20 Lifehacks for Drinking More Water


20 Lifehacks for Drinking More Water

Most of us are well aware of the importance of being hydrated, but sometimes drinking plain water just feels so boring. So we urged MyFitnessPal users on Facebook to share their stay-hydrated secrets by asking, “How do you make sure you drink enough water every day?” Here are 20 creative, delicious, and (most important!) hydrating tips for sneaking in more sips.


  • “When I’m thirsty, I drink water. I used to struggle with it, but it really does become that simple. I had to learn that when you think you’re hungry, sometimes you’re really just thirsty.” —Benji Y.
  • “I have water at all of my meals, during my workouts, and with me whenever I’m in the car, watching TV, etc. If I have it on me, I’ll drink it!” —Shelby T.
  • “I stopped drinking all other drinks! I promise the addiction goes away!” —Mary P.
  • “I do not allow myself to have a sugar-free latte unless I drink a gallon of water a day.” —Ginger C.


  • “I fill a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle with water and lemon.” —Marlena C.
  • “I have started putting lemon and cucumber slices in my ice water, which gives it a really clean flavor.” —Roxanne C.
  • “I add a couple of drops of orange blossom or rose water to each glass.” —Lisa C.
  • “I add frozen fruit to my water to make it tasty—then I eat the fruit later.” —Sarah S.


  • “Ice. I drink plenty without thinking, as long as it’s really cold. A small glass of room temperature water will sit in front of me all day, barely touched.” —Kelly Dapp
  • “Drink through straws. I swear I drink more that way!” —Jill M.


  • “I bought myself a fancy water tumbler for my office with my monogram on it. I fill it up, and it has a straw, which I’m convinced makes me drink more water faster.” —Jenn K.
  • “I bought a Big Gulp mug from 7-11—can you imagine, there are folks who put soda in these jugs? H2O only, please.” —Kristy O.


  • “I have a 32-ounce bottle at work. I challenge myself that it has to be empty by each break, lunch, and when I leave for the day.” —Oscar H.
  • “Every time I fill my glass, I enter it in MyFitnessPal to keep track!” —Tina C.
  • “After I go to the loo, I drink a glass. I leave a glass on the basin where I wash my hands—so it makes me go to the loo again, and I drink another glass!” —Leilah C.
  • “Minimum one glass of water an hour. That’s 8 glasses a day!” —Corinna H.


  • “I have an app that keeps buzzing at me until I drink.” —Tracey P.
  • “A friend of mine taught me this one: if you have those reusable cups with a straw, put 4 rubber bands on the outside. For every glass you drink, remove a band. The leftover ones will remind you how many left you have to drink.” —Jody L.
  • “While at work, I make sure to drink 48 ounces before 1:00pm, and another 48 ounces before I clock out at 5:00pm.” —Shakesha T.
  • “I bought a 64-ounce jug and fill it with water every day. I put markers on the outside with times. I have 3 times on there: 10:00am, 2:00pm, and 5:00pm.” —Maria M.

Did we miss any? What’s your trick for drinking more water? Share in the comments below!


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