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Provide Safe Power for Summer Fun

There’s almost nothing better than the feeling of warm air on your skin and the allure of time spent outdoors camping, barbecuing and relaxing with friends and family.

To enjoy these summer activities to the fullest, it’s important to take necessary precautions – especially when it comes to the use of easily transportable and convenient portable generators.

Whether you’re working the grill in the backyard or enjoying a more remote location for a weekend camping trip, having access to electricity is a must for both high-tech gadgets and simple necessities like electronics, lights, and cooking equipment.

“Some of our most beloved summer traditions can be even more enjoyable with electricity from a portable generator, but there are some notable risks,” said Susan Orenga, executive director of the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA). “Proper handling and taking the appropriate safety precautions can help ensure that users fully appreciate the benefits of portable power.”

Always remember that since you can’t smell, see or taste carbon monoxide, which is emitted through portable generator exhaust and is potentially fatal, proper use of portable generators is crucial. These tips can help you provide power to your summer plans without risking safety.

  • Always read the owner’s manual before operating a portable generator to ensure you understand all critical information regarding safe operation and potential hazards.
  • Place portable generators downwind from your gathering, and point the engine exhaust away from yourself and others.
  • Avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by taking your portable generator outside. Never run one indoors or in partially-enclosed spaces – such as garages, basements, crawl spaces, breezeways or sheds – as open air is required for the gasses to dissipate. Learn more at
  • Know the warning signs of possible carbon monoxide poisoning, which can include headache, dizziness, nausea, fainting, shortness of breath and general weakness. If you feel sick, dizzy or weak while using a portable generator, get to fresh air immediately and call 911 for emergency medical attention.

While safely using your portable generator in an open-air environment, be sure to follow other simple safety tips like using heavy-duty extension cords designed for outdoor use. While storing a portable generator, safely store fuel outside of living areas in labeled, non-glass containers.

Keeping power up and running during outdoor recreation time is convenient and, at times, necessary. By following these safety guidelines, portable generators can be the perfect companion for summer fun. Find more information about safely operating a portable generator at


Portable Generator Manufacturers\’ Association


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