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How to Maintain Mental Health as You Age

There’s plenty to eagerly anticipate as you age: more time to spare, an empty nest, time for hobbies, and the opportunity to travel. An estimated 20 percent of people age 55 years or older experience

Your Brain on Apps

Have you downloaded an app that’s meant to meld your mind in some way? Have you ever wondered during your guided meditation or while solving a digital puzzle: Is this actually doing anything for my br

Brain Breakthroughs

When it comes to training—and nurturing—your noodle, the latest apps, “diets,” and methods would appear to have you covered. Read on to find out whether studies and experts approve of the latest in br

Managing Weight Control and Eating Disorders During Isolation

From just one look at our Facebook feeds, it’s clear many of us are feeling stressed—and, as a result, snacky while relegated to our homes. Kyla Fox, clinical therapist and owner of the Toronto-based

What You Need to Know About Seniors' Health During Isolation

Seniors are an especially vulnerable group at this time, not only because they’re especially susceptible to the coronavirus infection, but also because there is an increased likelihood they will suffe


Body positivity has swept the nation.Self-acceptance of our bodies, even if we don’t match cultural size ideals, has evolved into a massive movement. Instead of obsessing over “imperfections,” social