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Good Food is Cool Food

Too many soft drinks and not enough fruits and vegetables? Help your teen make the switch from fast food to satisfying whole food nutrition.Alexandra, 16, opened her lunch of tuna and spinach. “Oh joy

Nutrition for Birth and Beyond

Nutrition for new moms is just as important as during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, recovery from a Caesarean birth, and/or breastfeeding create new nutritional challenges.Congratulations! After th

Calm and Self-Assured Kids

Children can benefit from mind-body exercise. Performing yoga or tai chi increases confidence and the ability to focus on academic tasks.“Do not let the demands of an overly active world rob your chil

Sit Up Straight

Slouching at our desk all day has a tremendous impact on the health of our bones and joints. Workplace ergonomics can help us improve our posture.We’re often told to sit up straight, type with our fee