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Get Well, Not High

The Canadian Health Food Association tells us why natural health industry experts want to make cannabidiol, a potentially helpful component for conditions such as pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety,

The Micronutrient Initiative

The Micronutrient Initiative (MI) is one of Canada\'s best-kept secrets. Combating malnutrition by providing supplements to millions of malnourished people around the world, this incredible NGO deserve

Celebrate Canadian Environment Week

During Canadian Environment Week from May 31 to June 6, Canadians participate in nature hikes, plant trees, or clean up parks.Whatever your personal eco-passion—recycling, reducing water waste, elimin

Wii to Weight Loss

Exergaming is a fitness craze, but does Wii really improve kids\' health? Kids who exergame burn three times as many calories as those who watch TV.At five years old, Tsubasa Miyahara is already a vide

Good-Conscience Giving

Think outside of the gift box this Christmas. Donate to one of the many worthwhile charities, such as the Salvation Army, for good-conscience giving.The next time you hear bells jingling and see a Sal

Buy Less, Live More

The minimalist movement celebrates experiences rather than things. We can all take part by decluttering and simplifying.“The bigger your garage, the more you fill it with stuff.” A knowing observation