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CBD: What Does the Science Say?

CBD is sweeping the country. It’s the most talked-about plant part in recent history thanks to an explosion of interest in its health benefits. But with that fame has come confusion. Here’s why it has

Research Forecast: Where is CBD Headed

British cannabis researcher Daniel Couch, PhD, and his team recently conducted a national survey of what people in the UK are using medical cannabis for (mind you, this includes marijuana’s THC along

Your Belly’s New Bestie?

Everyone has a stake in good gut health—whether you deal with occasional gas and bloating or a more severe condition like IBD. The good news? Sweet relief could be just around the corner. Research is

The endocannabinoid system: what is it?

Your body is a lot like a symphony—or the chorus of a Mumford & Sons song. It likes to be in harmony. This inner harmony is called “homeostasis,” and the master conductor that keeps everything balance