Great Looks for a Vacation State of Mind

Great Looks for a Vacation State of Mind- Bare feet in the sand, wind-blown hair and soft, easy-to-wear clothes evoke a kicked-back vacation state of mind. Most people believe that this way of thinkin

Penny-Pinching Travel Tips for Summer

Penny-Pinching Travel Tips for SummerBeing on a strict budget may mean making sacrifices along the way, but with a little smart planning - and shopping - your well-deserved vacation getaway need not b

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Tips for Traveling With Your DogHeather Loenser, DVM, knows first-hand the joys and challenges of traveling with her dog. She and her family recently adopted a year-old Border collie named Calvin. \"As

Grandparent Getaways

Grandparent GetawaysTrips to take with your grandchildren- \"No parents allowed.\" It\'s not a sign on a kid-only clubhouse, it\'s the first rule of travel for memory-making grandparent/grandchild vacatio

Benefits of a Digital Detox During Summer Travel

Benefits of a Digital Detox During Summer TravelTech safety tips for summer travelDespite your best intentions to take time off for a relaxing getaway, chances are high that you’ll find it difficult t

Building happy, healthy brains

In the new reality introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, kids may be showing signs of worry and stress. It could be a natural reaction to concern demonstrated by adults, or because of news coverage and

What You Need to Know About Hearing Loss

We take lots of things for granted. Good hearing is one of them—unless you’re someone who struggles with hearing loss. How many times did you say, “Pardon me?” or “What?” or “Say again?” today? If the

How to Maintain Mental Health as You Age

There’s plenty to eagerly anticipate as you age: more time to spare, an empty nest, time for hobbies, and the opportunity to travel. An estimated 20 percent of people age 55 years or older experience

One Step a Day to a Healthier Lifestyle

Looking for a fresh start? If you have a vague sense that you’d like to embark on a path toward a healthier lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. Here’s one small step a day for every weekday over four we

The Best Foods and Supplements to Fight Colds and Flu

It’s important throughout the year to build up your immune system to fight off nasty cold and flu viruses. While there’s no cure for the common cold or flu, a healthy diet can help your immune system

Tap Into the Power of Serotonin

Serotonin is a feel-good hormone, known as a neurotransmitter, that helps ensure we’re motivated, have balanced moods, and feel good about life. Boosting low serotonin levels is one of the keys to hea