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Your Complete List of Healthy Holiday Gifts


Your Complete List of Healthy Holiday Gifts

Whether you’re just beginning your holiday shopping or you’re almost done, we’ve pulled together several lists of healthy gifts to help you finish your shopping in record time this year.

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Gear and Gadgets

10 Best Health Gadget Gifts for 2014: It may be hard to believe, but it’s time to begin your holiday shopping—and we’re here to help! After a year of tasting trendy foods, sweating through the latest workouts, and talking to health experts, nutritionists, friends, and more, we’ve come up with a list of healthy holiday gifts for everyone on your list (even your own!).

Top 10 Workout Gear Gifts for 2014: Let’s face it. All those hard workouts you’ve been doing have put some serious wear and tear on your gear and equipment. With that in mind, why not give the people on your holiday gift list new gear? Here are some suggestions that use the latest technology.

10 Best Healthy Cooking Gifts for 2014: Whether you are a full-blown chef, a parent trying to feed the family, or just a regular microwave-user, everyone cooks. That’s why gifts related to cooking are so popular. Since there are thousands of cooking gifts to choose from, here are a few we found to help you finish your holiday-shopping list early.

For Men and Women

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for Men: With so many cool gifts to choose from for the men in your life, where do you start? We’ve been listening to the buzz about “hot” gifts for healthy, active men of all ages, and here’s what we came up with as our favorites.

10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for Women: While sparkling jewelry is usually a winner, women also like unique gifts that help them look and feel better. While there are thousands of items out there to do just that, here are a few we found to help you finish your holiday shopping early.

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for Moms: It can be challenging to find the perfect, holiday gift for the Moms in your life. You want it to be unique, personal, and thoughtful…and still fit into your budget. Here are 10 great possibilities to explore.

For Diet and Exercise Trends

10 Best Home Workout Gifts for 2014: So many people want to exercise more, lose weight, and get in shape. But they just don’t have time to go to the gym or money to hire a personal trainer. This holiday season, you can help them out with a great workout-at-home gift. To give you some ideas, here are our suggestions.

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Yoga: Recent statistics show that more than 15 million Americans practice yoga, and the average number of people who practice yoga increases 20% annually. Given these numbers, you can bet there is someone on your list who would love yoga-related gift. Well, we sought out some of the best items, and here’s what we found.

10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for Runners: If you have a runner to shop for this holiday season, it can be overwhelming. There are all kinds of shoes, accessories, and gadgets to enhance the running experience. Where to start? To help you out, we conducted some research and came up with 10 gift suggestions for runners of all levels.

10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts for People on a Paleo Diet: For those of you trying to buy gifts for people following a Paleo Diet—a diet that follows what our early ancestors ate, including meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, and nuts—you may be at a complete loss. Well, we’ve made it easy for you!

To Fit Within Your Budget

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts Under $25.00: If you have a tight budget this holiday season, you probably think it will be difficult to buy healthy gifts for everyone on your holiday list. Au contraire! Check out this group of items under $25.00 we’ve compiled for you from our complete, Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gift Lists this year.

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts Under $50.00: Ok. You have under $50.00 to spend on a holiday gift this year. Don’t worry, there are plenty of great items out there for the active people in your life within this price range. We’ve reviewed our Holiday Gift Lists this year to help you give fantastic, healthy items without breaking your budget! Here’s what we came up with.

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts Under $100.00: You’re ready to shop for healthy gifts this holiday season, and you have at least $100.00 to spend on each gift. Where do you start? To make it easy for you, we’ve looked at our complete collection of Holiday Gift Lists this year for great presents that fit your budget, and here’s what we suggest.

10 Best Fantasy Healthy Holiday Gifts and Their Attainable Alternatives: You have some very special people on your holiday gift list this year and want to buy them something unique that they will truly appreciate. Where do you start? …with our Top 10 Luxury Gift Guide, of course! And if your budget doesn’t allow for the luxury gifts, don’t worry! We’ve provided more attainable substitutes as well.

What healthy gifts have struck your fancy this year? Please share them with us in the comments below.


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