Home Inspiration Little Milestones, Big Motivation! MyFitnessPal Users Share their Non-Scale Victories

Little Milestones, Big Motivation! MyFitnessPal Users Share their Non-Scale Victories


Little Milestones, Big Motivation! MyFitnessPal Users Share their Non-Scale Victories

Losing weight is a huge accomplishment, but there are so many personal health milestones that can’t be measured in pounds. We recently asked MyFitnessPal users on Facebook, “What non-scale victories are you proud of?” And now we want to high-five all of you! Here’s a short list of your non-scale victories.

My Health has Improved

  • “My doctor told me that after more than 20 years, I no longer needed medication for high blood pressure.” —Bob B.
  • “I didn’t pick up a cigarette this week.” —Marisa D.
  • “I reversed my diabetes! I’ve been off the meds for 6 months and my labs are the best they’ve been in a couple years.” Jodi C.
  • “My GERD is gone. Before losing weight, I was taking antacids daily. Now, practically never!” —Marion Y.
  • “I have more energy. It’s amazing how much it’s increased.” —Heather K.

Others are Noticing My Success

  •  “Had my ex walk past me and do a double take.” —Shellie P.
  •  “In the bank, the tellers were making a huge fuss over my toned arms and shoulders—cool!” —Launa V.
  • “The TSA agent looked at my driver’s license, then me, then back to the license, then back to me, and said, ‘Well done!’ with a big smile.” —Andrea L.
  • “My daughter can hug me and fit her arms around my middle!” —Jennifer M. B.
  • “Someone stopped me in the grocery store and said, ‘Please tell me how I can get legs like that!?’ Best kind of compliment.”
—Lisa H.

I’m More in Control

  •  “I stayed under my daily calorie limit ALL week…love MyFitnessPal!” —Roshawnda W.
  • ”Skipped the doughnuts at work.” —Kate P.
  • “I drove by McDonalds and didn’t stop—even though I was craving a Quarter Pounder. That was a victory for me!” —Faye W.
  • “I broke my Mountain Dew addiction!” —Amanda S.
  • “I went grocery shopping and bought all healthy foods.” —Danielle L.

I’m Moving More

  •  “I can touch my toes.” —Lori T.
  •  “I walked my kids to school three times, instead of driving!” —Sara S.
  • “I ran for 25 minutes without stopping.” —Erin V.
  • “I did 18 real pushups. In January I could barely do one. My goal is 20 by the summer solstice. I’ve got this!” —Melissa R. B.
  • “I hit 10,000 steps before 11:00am today!” —Lori B.

Siting is Easier, too

  • “Being able to get rid of my car seat belt extension and wear a normal seat belt.” —Maggie D.
  • “I rode all the roller coasters in the normal seats.” —Matthew S.
  • “I slid my drivers seat forward.” —Robin vdM.
  • “I was able to sit down in a booth at my favorite restaurant without my stomach squished up against the table.” —Emily L.
  • “Sitting down in chair and not worrying about it breaking underneath me.” —John S.

I’m Wearing Smaller Sizes

  • “My wedding ring fits again for the first time since before I was pregnant with my now 17-month-old son!” — Tseli M. B.
  • “I was able to buy clothes from a regular store, not a specialty store or section, for the first time in a decade!” —Sara M.
  • “Having to put three new holes in my belt and remove a link from my watch.” —Scott W.
  • “My walking pants keep falling down.” Patrick B.
  • “Two pairs of jeans that didn’t fit when I bought them 8 months ago…they fit now!” —Gwendolyn T.

Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact. What non-scale victory has motivated you to continue making healthy choices?



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