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A Stylish, Space-Saving Home Upgrade

There’s no better time than the present to upgrade your house with space-saving door hardware. Swapping out traditional swinging doors for smooth-gliding, wall-mounted sliding door hardware can add up to 14 square feet of floor space, which leaves more room for spreading out toys and games while giving a spacious feel to nearly any room in your house.

Making the switch also allows for more flexibility in furniture arrangements, which means even the smallest nook in your house could turn into a cozy space.

An option like Johnson’s 2610SC Soft-Close Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware can be used with virtually any metal or wood door from 1-1 3/4 inches thick, up to 60 inches wide and weighing up to 165 pounds. The wall mount includes hardware that gently slows the door’s travel speed to softly pull it into the fully open or closed position. It works like a cabinet door closer, enabling doors to open and close quietly and securely. The hardware also prevents door slamming and pinched fingers, and significantly reduces door operational noise.

The satin or bronze fascia provides a warm, decorative detail to the room, and the American-made, smooth-rolling door hardware and track exceed ANSI standards, which means they can successfully complete 100,000 opening and closing cycles. With adjustable door guides and smooth-rolling tricycle hangers, you can set the adjustable track stops to control the door travel, as well. Plus, a jump-proof aluminum box track is available in lengths up to 96 inches for single doors and up to 192 inches for double doors.

For more ways to add style and extra space to your home, as well as video installation guidance, visit johnsonhardware.com or call 800-837-5664.


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