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Put your heart into it

Welcome to 2019! In our first issue of the year, we’re doing a deep dive into ocean health. Our feature is a conversation with actor, producer and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier. Ad

Eat, drink and be healthy

Welcome to the “Lots of Food” issue! Inside, you’ll find loads of delicious plant-based recipes to take you from Thanksgiving through to the new year. Our feature is on Gaz Oakley, one of the UK’s mos

From the Editor

Welcome to the kids’ health issue! To be honest, I don’t know a lot about kids … other than that if all goes well, they’ll be adults one day. And if we help kids get off to a good start (for example,

From the Editor: Mar-Apr 2018

Since I live in southern California, the arrival of spring means the Santa Monica Mountains are ablaze with wildflowers, which adds another layer to the amazingness of trail running in the hills and c

From the Editor: Jan-Feb 2018

It’s 2018. I know it sounds like a made-up year, referencing the distant future, but we’re actually here. Welcome. 2018 is bringing a big change to alive: you can now enjoy the magazine six times a ye