Jenn Farrell

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A Certain Age

When I assembled my girlfriends, all over 40, to discuss aging and beauty over a glass (or two) of wine, they had plenty to say. While some welcomed the changes—“I don’t care what anyone thinks of me

At the Crossroads

I paid a visit to my gynecologist recently to discuss birth-control options. I was looking for something a little less hormonal (than the pill) and a lot more long-term. I\'d decided that one child was

Let them Eat Cake

Several years ago, I attended a birthday party for the toddling offspring of some work friends. A very active young couple, they were keen on healthy eating and clean living, and applied these princip

Ballet-Inspired Barre Workouts

It\'s never too late to develop your inner ballerina! These simple barre exercises combine the grace and flexibility of ballet with roots in yoga and Pilates.With roots in ballet, yoga and Pilates, bar