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Living the Simple Life

Simplicity can be bliss. Find out how to cut back on unnecessary stress and dedicate more time to the things that make you happy. Do you forever feel like you’re too busy? All too often, weekends are

Plant a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Bees don\'t automatically settle down on the first flower they find. Providing a safe, friendly habitat will inspire them to populate your plants—and helps to keep these little workers protected.Bees,

Let’s Rediscover Why We’re Friends

Take a moment to celebrate the important people in your life with the International Day of Friendship.It’s coming up to the International Day of Friendship. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate fri

Thinking Bee

Giving bees a friendly living space helps to preserve their dwindling populations and inspires them to look after your plants. A happy garden buzzing with little pollinators? Now that sounds bee-eauti

Bee hotels? Whatever next!

You’d better bee-lieve it, hotels especially for bees are the newest answer to the rapidly declining pollinator bee population.A new kind of luxury hotel is popping up all over Canada. It’s completely

Eco-Conscious Christmas Crafting

Looking for unique DIY holiday projects? Look no further! These crafts will make your Christmas chic and eco-friendly.Between mid-November and New Year’s Day, Canadians generate a reported 900,000 ext