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Closet Organization Tips

With every major seasonal change, pay attention to your wardrobe. Now is the time to try on garments to ensure they fit well, and to store away out-of-season pieces or donate any items you no longer wear. When doing so, consider taking a few steps to ensure better organization, saving you time in your morning routine. Here are some organization tips to get you started:

Divide and conquer.
Make sure to section off your closet space for specific items. For example, pick a specific place to store shoes, purses and other accessories. Likewise, choose a spot to hang blouses and tops, as well as a place to store folded sweaters and jeans.

Whether you choose to divide your hanging space to incorporate hanging or free-standing shelves, or you decide to place your shoes over the door or on the floor, make sure you stick to the specific places for each type of apparel or accessory when returning clothing items to your closet. This will help you keep your organization resolutions and save you precious minutes when pressed for time.

Take advantage of your space.
If your wardrobe consists primarily of garments that need to be hung, consider installing a second bar so you\’ll have to levels. Likewise, if you prefer to fold and store garments, use canvas hanging shelves to provide further space. Consider purchasing canvas boxes to slide in and out of the fabric shelving to provide the perfect storage place for accessories and smaller items.

Use wall space.
Install hooks of various sizes to hang purses and accessories out of the way. In addition, consider hanging peg boards to hang jewelry and other items using small hooks. You\’ll be able to easily spot jewelry items when assembling an outfit.

Use shelf space.
If you have plenty of shelf space, consider yourself lucky. But stacks of neatly folded clothing can quickly become a mess if you pull from the wrong side. Use cloth boxes to stack clothing. Additionally, consider purchasing shelf dividers. You can also use shelf brackets as a polished way to keep stacked items separate.

Don\’t forget the door.
When organizing a closet, people often forget the door provides ample opportunity to store additional items. Hang an over-the-door mirror, especially a model that includes room for storage. Or, take advantage of door space by installing hooks, or towel rods.

Use furniture.
If you\’re lucky enough to have a large closet, consider placing a dresser inside the closet to stow away sweaters and other items. Reserve the top drawers to organize items in small bins, or use vintage teacups to separate jewelry and other items for easy access. If you only have room for stand-alone shelves in your closet, even a set of three shelves will work. Use baskets to keep items well-organized and looking tidy.

Think outside the box.
Remember, not everything needs to go in your closet. Find a great way to display some of your favorite pieces or accessories, so you can incorporate them into the overall look of your bedroom as well.



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