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Did You Scan a Barcode for Lunch Today?


Did You Scan a Barcode for Lunch Today?

If you ordered your lunch through EAT Club in San Francisco today, you just might have picked out an option with a barcode designed specifically for MyFitnessPal. A new line of meals called KI (a.k.a. Kinetic Ingredients) from the food delivery service comes packaged in compostable boxes complete with barcodes on the labels. Simply scanning those barcodes allows eaters to seamlessly log their meals into their MyFitnessPal food diaries.

KI dishes are designed to be healthy from the start. The executive chef behind the meals uses whole ingredients, like grass-fed beef, all-natural chicken, and organic produce, to build high-protein, low-calorie meals that give eaters an energy boost—it’s part science, part art, and all flavor. Featured dishes include: Hanger Steak & Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Chicken & Chickpea Tagine, and Smoked Chicken & White Bean Cassoulet (pictured).

EAT Club, a leading food tech company serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, CA, created KI with healthy eaters in mind. “We recognize the value of food tracking and we wanted to offer even healthier options that would be easy to log with MyFitnessPal,” says EAT Club co-founder Kevin Yang.  EAT Club offers a unique, personalized ordering service for companies looking to provide employees with healthy mid-day meals, serving up everything from vegan salads to low-carb bento boxes and making it easy to help staffers maintain healthy eating habits while on the job.

MyFitnessPal users love the experience, and we hope to create more partnerships, like this one with KI and EAT Club, in the future. “It was a great meal, and the barcode worked like a charm,” reports one happy diner. “This is a huge plus for me, as I’m a long-time MyFitnessPal user and this makes it even easier for me to track my calories.”

What do you think? Would you order a KI meal if it was available in your area? Which restaurants or food delivery services would you like to see using MyFitnessPal barcodes down the road?


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